5 gram touch

Lumbar pain

The power of therapy with 5 gram touch

Imagine that your body is a computer and your organs files that are overfilled with information, pictures, viruses, and every now they are doing some chaos. After a while, the computer starts to work more slowly. The same happens to your body and organs – they start to work slower. The computer begins to freeze , same as the parts of your body , and for that reason there is no more flow of energy. What we’re doing with the computer when it freezes? First you try to restart it, right? It is exactly what I do with 5 gram touch on certain parts of your body. I restart your nervous system so all “files and information” are back like they have been before, and again, energy is passing by all the organs, blood vessels, bones …

Something new had to be born, and now I have Maria body work therapy with 5 gram touch. Once restarded nervous system in its entirety, it’s possible to work on the body exactly what person needs in that moment. It can be shiatsu, Thai traditional massage, classical massage or yumeiho -a feeling as if someone works all the techniques and massage all at once.

So you do not have to go to the classic massage, or shiatsu, or energy treatment, because all of this now you can get in one session.

Treatment time: 90min



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