About Me


My journey along the path of healthy living began 42 years ago from when I was a young girl. The main reason was because I grew up with my mother and grandmother who used traditional ingredients in our diet from our garden, which was close to woodlands and a meadow.

Unlike other children, my toys were herbal treatments and tree barks while my closest friends were domestic animals.  Through this I was in constant touch with nature and enjoyed the benefits of a healthy life.  Instead of visiting a medical doctor when we got ill, we treated ourselves with domestic remedies that we found in nature.

Due to this I have never been seriously ill and the first time I saw a doctor was when I was seven years old when I started elementary school.  In my life, I have met many unhappy people in poor health.  I kept wondering why some people were in good health like myself, while others were suffering.  My curiosity led me to the path and exploration of natural medicine, which I continue to study to this very day.

I love dance, meditation, yoga, qigong and I am also passionate about exploring and preparing medicinal herbal products, healthy foods as well as experimenting and learning about treatments from ancient civilisations like Native America, Asia and North Africa.  I write all these traditional recipes down.

I have lived and worked in many places in the Middle East and Asia as well as my homeland Croatia.  I have successfully completed studies in Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu in Zagreb, Croatia.  I am now in the process of preparing for further education in the United States.

Whilst doing this I work as a therapist and consultant as well as a teacher of macrobiotic cooking at various workshops worldwide.



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