Ampuku Treatment


Ampuku Treatment – Hara (area of the abdomen)

Ampuku treatment – Hara comes from traditional Chinese Medicine. It is focused on the Second and Third Chakra. Organs in these Chakras are the liver, colon, bladder and parts of the reproductive organs.

The stress and trauma that we accumulate throughout life often come from deep emotional and embryonic development. The discomfort and pain that we feel in the abdomen and in the lower-back, memory problems, chronic tiredness, frequent infections of the urinary tract and reproductive organs, fear as well as emotional withdrawal are treated using this technique. The clients go deep inside of their energy field and they will feel their energy flow through the body, warmth or even fire in their stomach that spreads throughout the entire body.

They will also experience relaxation of the joints and visuals of various colours. This treatment is known as “The Little Television” because during the treatment we can see pictures of our past or future. During this treatment you will wear light clothes with light colours.

Treatment time: 60mins




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