Angel Treatment


Energy Body Cleansing – Angel Treatment

It is a fact that we are constantly moving and going to places (walking on the street, using public transportation, going to hospitals, sleeping in different places) where other people have already left their energy.  We drink and eat a variety of foods and come into contact with different people.  We don’t stop to think what those kinds of energy are doing to us.  Sometimes we may feel heavy energy when we are communicating with others or when we go to certain places.  We absorb both good and bad energy in these situations most of the time.  There are no issues with the good energy but accumulating bad energy is a problem.  That is why the Energy Body Cleansing is to be recommended once in a while.

The treatment starts by locating the areas where the most energy is absorbed.  In the beginning YOU may experience hot or cold flashes, feel heavy where some parts of the body feel like concrete and “heavy” limbs in mobility. Breathing may become more difficult and YOU may start feeling nauseated.  After 10 to 15 minutes YOU will start to relax, feel a deep sense of calmness and your thoughts and memories will pass before your eyes.

The release of heavy energy starts to occur prompting you to feel lighter.  Some people may have an out-of-body experience or a sensation of “floating”.  At this point Chakras will start to open up so that you experience seeing white lights or a variety of colours and sometimes black with dark shades.  Some people can even see events from their future, but the main effect is that the negative energy leaves the body and most people start to feel 10 kg lighter.  This is not magic or any kind of religious formula, but merely knowledge of the movement of energy throughout the body (in and out).  For the energy body cleansing I use only natural products:  Sea Salt, High Quality Essential Oils, Mineral Water, Candle Light, Fresh Flowers, Incense Sticks, Healing Herbs, Relaxing Music, Seashells, Pyramids, Crystals, Stones, Wood and myself as the Energy channel, wearing white shoes and using white sheets.  During the treatment you will wear light clothes with light colours.

Treatment time: 90mins



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