Here are some of the most popular products,  although usually I make arrangements, creams and nutritional meals according to your personal requirements:

Cream for back and bone aches (lumbar and sacral areas)

kremaThis cream is created by a mixture of bioorganic plants according to the old recipes that were passed down from my grandmother in combination with knowledge I acquired during my Macrobiotics studies.

The manner of preparation reminds me of the traditional remedial recipes of the Lakota people. As people often complain about lower back pains and I am not always able to provide therapy or they don’t have the opportunity to come and visit me in person, I decided to experiment in order to create the herbal mixture (cream). It has helped many people solve their problems.

The cream should last for one month applying it 3 times a day on the skin of the sore area.

Super food drink as an aphrodisiac

afrodizijakThis potion I prepared specifically for a lady that asked for my help who was not able to conceive. The primary function was to strengthen her kidneys, spleen and liver (organs responsible for conception).

The green herbal cocktail (potion) boosted her sexual energy. I knew it would as I came up with this aphrodisiac with the right selection and balance of plants. After the super food aphrodisiac was successful for the lady, her husband also started drinking it. I believe that they are expecting a baby very soon.

Green Potion against acne

napitakThis green cocktail (a combination of chlorophyll plants) is very useful for the treatment of acne. It deeply cleanses pores and alkalises the state of tissue and blood so that after a while the acne completely disappears. It can also even heal old and deep scars after long-term use.

During my stay in Thailand I noticed that many young people had problems with acne. As I am familiar with oriental medicine and had access to many green plants I created this herbal potion in order to help some of them.

The research on these is still ongoing, but what is important to note is that all of the products are harmless and completely natural and organic.



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