Shiatsu Treatment


Shiatsu Treatment with diagnosis

Shiatsu treatment is intense and the aim is to remove the obstacles that block the flow of energy throughout the meridians of the body:  bones, muscles, nerves, joints, ligaments.

How does Shiatsu affect our health?

  • It improves the quality of life (by improving the immune system);
  • calms and relaxes our nervous-system;
  • regenerates our emotional and spiritual being;
  • vitalises (eliminates tiredness);
  • protects us from colds, viruses and bacteria;
  • enhances our circulation;
  • strengthens our muscles and eliminates stiffness;
  • enhances the flexibility of our joints;
  • stops pain and deformation of the joints;
  • prevents arthritis;
  • stimulates circulation and activates new skin cells;
  • moistens the skin and makes it smooth and tight;
  • strengthens the vertebra and stops pathological deformation of the spine and of the spine’s discs;
  • regulates blood pressure;
  • keeps hormonal balance in the endocrine glands (thyroid, ovary, testicles, adrenal and pancreas);
  • and helps deal with stress .

It is very important that the client is dressed in comfortable and light cotton clothes.  Why? Direct contact with skin stimulates many neural receptors and this allows the therapist to feel and efficiently treat all imbalanced energy fields.  That is why Shiatsu treatment is very specific and intense and cannot be compared to any other massage. 

For this treatment the therapist also gives advice and suggestions regarding food intake as well as lifestyle and support for the wellbeing.

 Treatment time: 60mins



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