My diagnosis was breast fibroadenoma 55mm , emergency preparation for surgery and removal of  whole breast, followed by possible chemotherapy and radiation. With my 46 years of age , shocked,  I made  a decision on alternative and holistic approach to the problem based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with Mrs. Marija Raič who was involved with her intensive therapy, advices and words. All illness is not only at the physical level, but  also on emotional, so we have to treat it as well. Like every shiatsu treatment "was speaking" to me how much I accumulated and hid in me. Safe and gentle hands of the therapist were encouraging me at the  moments when fibroadenoma on the surface of the skin was frightening. Every western  medicine doctor at that time would propose an operation immediately. Mrs. Marija was always saying, calmly and confidently, that everything  that materialized would dematerialized,  that I just have to be patient. It has  been like that.  After some 10 of her treatments, one morning there was no such fibroadenoma. Ultrasound has shown that there is no more. This is another proof through my experience, that living and behaving in unnatural ways will cause us health problems. With the help of God and people who respect nature and her principles, and who work on themselves  to serve the people, I would like to thank to Marija for her warmth, knowledge and skills, and that she continues , with her wisdom and patience, fight against demanding diagnosis.

Irida Oršulić , prof.


Much more than a massage. That woman knows and feels the body. Whether it is relaxing massage or any kind of problem, her hands are divine. When I'm in Hvar, it is a must for me to afford this kind of treatment. Thank you, Marija.

Natalie RatkovicFrankfurt, Germany


I cannot say enough about Maria, she is truly a blessing.  From the first moment Maria arrived at my home to work on me I felt at peace and relaxed.  Maria's bodywork is amazing, she is a true healer and her facial is one of the best I have ever received.  I highly recommend Maria for her services, her professionalism, but most of all, because she is someone you will never forget.

Julie Caitlin Brown, CEO Illumina Productions, LLC, Los Angeles


Marija has "golden" hands!
I have used her treatments on a regular basic. Started with a classic massages because had a problem with sciatica. Soon, I have realized there is nothing classics.
She did some miraculous treatments whose names I don't know, but it seems she doesn't know either. She goes intuitively and every time I feel reborn.
The woman knows, feels and and her treatments are very effective!

Zdenka Juril, Croatia



Raindrop with Maria is really great experience and pleasure....Fantastic aura of essential soils and gentle and skillful touch of Marija's hands relieves all emotions that have been stored deeply in my body and soul....
Beside I didn't feel my spine....I was light as a bird....

Marina Bobic, Croatia


Shiatsu as a concept wasn’t quite unknown to me, but the treatment left me pleasantly surprised. At first contact I already noticed a huge difference compared to the Western massage I was accustomed to.

What truly fascinated me was the feeling after the treatment that lasted for days... Before this, I thought it would be impossible to resolve some of the health issues after a single treatment, but now I am convinced that it is possible. In my case I was suffering of lower back pain. What is even more interesting is that it was just a symptom for which it was necessary to treat something completely different.

The detailed interview that preceded the treatment was really a very important part of the therapy. It revealed a lot about me to the therapist, but also helped me to get to know myself better.

Tina Ključe Mihaljević, Croatia


I came to Maria after having severe headaches for 10 or more years. Throughout my visits to Maria I felt very supported, balanced and recuperated. All the suggestions I was given regarding health issues and a balanced diet were natural, easy to apply and after all, 100% efficient.

All this holistic approach was immensely beneficial in giving me emotional stability, balance and restory my health in a relatively short period of time. Overall this was a very good experience and I would highly recommend Maria as a personal holist, Shiatsu practitioner and a natural healer.

Daniela Dragičević, Croatia


Personally I am so delighted by Shiatsu and Raindrop treatments because they make me feel healthier so I recommend them whenever and wherever I have the opportunity.

Applying some of the tips from macrobiotic cuisine is preferable. It is an intrinsic part of the overall treatment. In that way you really have a chance to balance basic needs and I think a healthy life should be a priority for all of us. I realised this thanks to Maria and her expertise in macrobiotics and Chinese medicine.

Amela Ćurić, Bruxelles Belgium


My name is Ljubica Kordić and my ten year-old daughter Laura suffers from diabetes. A friend advised us to try changing her eating habits and to start with a healthy diet.
She recommended Mrs. Maria and gave us her phone number.

Until I met Maria I thought our diet was good and that diabetes as a disease does not correlate with dietary practices. I used to prepare all kinds of meat, frozen vegetables, a variety of dough-based foods like pizza and cakes.

Before, we used whole grains, miso soup and bio-organic vegetables instead of unhealthy food. Laura received insulin four times a day. After just 4-5 days of Maria’s macrobiotic diet plan for Laura, her glucose levels lowered meaning my daughter did not need insulin for 6 days.

She feels great, has a clearer complexion, is learning a lot about food and she helps me with cooking. Maria involved Laura with preparing meals so she can better understand her health condition and accelerate the healing process. Currently, she receives only two units of insulin in the morning. The whole family eats healthy food and feels stronger. I’m very grateful to Maria and to our friend, Neli Buratovic, who brought us together and would like to say that every disease can be cured if we are willing to change bad habits.

Ljubica Kordić, Croatia



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