During our first meeting we will have an introductory conversation and an “energy exchange”, after which I will be able to assess where the organic and emotional structure of your problem lies and what exactly is causing an imbalance.

People are often surprised at how heightened awareness of the issues affecting them already solves them by half.  It gives the sensation of “opening one’s eyes” and provides a connection to the present imbalance.  You therefore save time and money and you won’t need additional medicine or medical examinations.  Certainly there also exist more profound problems that are accumulated over time, which may have provoked changes in organic structures that can lead to serious illness.  In this case, we will need various treatments, dietary changes; herbal remedies.

My work is based on a wide range of issues related to holistic health, personal and professional development, using a variety of traditional techniques and bio-organic content such as Shiatsu, Acupressure, Fito/Aroma-therapy, Raindrop Technique, Bio-energy,  Physiognomy, Herbal Creams and Tinctures that I make myself, as well as knowledge of nutrition and macrobiotics.

As a holistic therapist, I combine many of the above depending on what the situation at any given moment should require.  Most of all, I educate people on how to help themselves and try to encourage them towards self-healing.

At the first meeting (holistic counselling) we will do an interview in order to determine at which stage in life you are in, what your diet is, what indicates your acupressure points, your body posture and meridians.

The whole process is very pleasant, without any excessive pain.  Indeed, you will enjoy new insights about yourself and learn of any treatments if necessary after which you will be able to decide how to proceed.



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